Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I bought a drop spindle kit on Etsy last summer, and it was only a few months before I bought a wheel. I love my Ashford Kiwi, and am having lots of fun learning how to work with different fibers and trying new techniques. Here are a few skeins of yarn I spun and their subsequent projects...

2-ply merino - fiber hand-dyed by Miss Babs and purchased at Fibre Space in Arlington, VA. It turned into a Lacy Baktus shawlette that became my favorite scarf this winter.

I bought some hand-dyed merino from FatCatKnits on Etsy and made a scarf for my aunt, but used the leftovers to make socks for me - I've discovered that wearing handknit socks automatically makes my day better.

Another great project for handspun is the Toast wristwarmers - nice and simple, and they don't use up much yardage. I made two pairs with 4 oz handspun and could probably squeeze out another. I spun up the fiber (from A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville, MD) with long color repeats and then made a 3-ply yarn, which has awesome, slow color transitions.

I have a few other handspun projects and a number of handspun skeins waiting to be knit up (I have spun fiber other than merino, these three projects are just my favorites). My current project is spinning sweater quantity of some superwash merino in a navy blue. And... I'm going to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures and descriptions of my loot!

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  1. I'm so jealous of you and your wheel! I can't wait until I have one (I say that as if I have plans to get one...) All your yarn and projects look awesome!