Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finished Calvert Cardigan

Project: Calvert
Source: Norah Gaughan, vol. 3
Patons Australia Merino Totem DK 8ply
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I finished a new cardigan last night - Calvert from Norah Gaughan vol. 3. My gauge was just a tad large, but I did the math and found that if I made the 34" sweater it would turn out about and inch bigger. Well, I based this off a pretty small swatch that I didn't bother to block, so the cargian turned out to have about a 40" bust. The yarn is machine washable, but I wonder if it would shrink a little bit if I washed it in hot water (this would be the time to test with a large swatch first).

I made a few modifications to the pattern that I thought made assembly a lot easier. The back is supposed to be knit in two pieces, with the bottom half wider than the top. When you sew them together you are to gather the bottom to make them match up. I chose instead to make five pleats in the back, as well as a little bit of decreasing to make the bottom the same number of stitches as the top. I wanted to keep the seam between the two, but didn't want to stitch them together, so instead I bound off the bottom piece and then just picked up and knit the stitches for the top along that bind off edge. I think it looks nice, and the bind off gives some structure to the pleats.

This was also the first time I wet blocked the pieces of a sweater. I used to pin the pieces down and spray them with water, but I've decided that wet blocking is the way to go. The finished product looks a lot crisper, and it doesn't take that much longer to dry. I still need some little buttons, but for now my hairpin works pretty well.

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  1. It came out beautiful! I want to make one now. How do yo 'wet' block? Thanks~