Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tour de Fleece

I've been spinning every day of the Tour de Fleece (the spinning challenge that takes place during the Tour de France), save one day that I worked late. I've been working on a few things. First, I spun up some merino I bought from Woolarina at the HandMade Mart. I spun up a bobbin by core-spinning and spun the rest as a thick single. It was mostly for practice, but I think a hat made from stripes of the two yarns would be cool.


Ages ago I bought two pounds of superwash merino with the intention of making a sweater. It wasn't as soft as I hoped so I haven't been that dedicated to spinning it up. I'm moving soon and figured I should ply up the singles that I did have, since yarn seems easier to store than bobbins of singles. I made up a little bit of 2, 3, and 4-ply, washed to set the twist, and knitted some swatches.

I liked the 3-ply best, which means 5 stitches per inch. I was thinking of making a Tangled Yoke Cardigan, but now with a larger gauge I'm thinking of making Seneca.

Finally, I started a hat with handspun on the subway today. I get around 40 minutes a day on the train and I like to take a simple project with me. I'm knitting it top-down so I can use up as much yarn as possible for a big, slouchy beanie.

Now, back to spinning!