Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My dog likes my knitting...but not in a good way

My boyfriend and I adopted a dog a little over a week ago - a two-year old rat terrier that we call Rupert. He's very sweet and is already very attached to us. He's been very interested in what I'm knitting, and yesterday he investigated my sweater-in-progress that I had left out on the coffee table.

Above shows the remnants of my size 7 bamboo circular needle and below is a tangled mess of Shelter in the Button Jar colorway that was being knit into the sleeves for a Shadow pullover.

It could have been much worse - my birthday present from my mom was a Addi-Click bamboo interchangeable needle set and all the needles are still unharmed in their charming green pleather case, and the yarn he investigated just needs to be untangled and was only broken in one place. But this does mean I need to get some more storage bins with lids for all my knitting.

But how can I stay mad at this face?

And I'll keep knitting. I have the front and back done already.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

iPad Case

I got an iPad for school and today I hauled out the sewing machine to make a case for it. I used this tutorial from Thimble, but I am not a very expert seamstress and made some mistakes - namely, cutting every piece too narrow. To compensate I added a side panel to try to make it look like the binding of a book.

The case is still rather snug. It actually is just about perfect for the iPad without the smart cover, but I don't want to take the cover off all the time. I hope the sleeve will stretch a bit, or I'll have to sew another one some time. I think the next one will turn out much better.

Just to prove this thing really is for school...