Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Workout

I've recently started going to the university gym - most of my exercise has come from walking the dog and going back and forth between the centrifuge and the bench in lab - so I'm trying to go running etc. a few times a week.

Today my right bicep was a bit sore and I thought it was from using the rowing machine two days ago. I was surprised that it took that long to "feel the burn" - and then I remembered that I joined the pieces on my Aidez pullover last night. Wrangling the back, fronts, and sleeves in bulky yarn on one circular needle apparently is a better workout for me than going to the gym!

Aidez by Cirilia Rose, free on the Berroco website

Saturday, February 18, 2012

LOFT in stages

Hill Country Weavers had a pretty ridiculous sale a little while ago and I treated myself to a boatload of LOFT yarn from Brooklyn Tweed. I'm working on several projects with my loot, all in different stages of completion:

FINISHED is my pair of Burnham mittens in the colors "postcard" and "old world." I really like the way these turned out - they're lightweight but squishy and warm.

IN PROGRESS is my Wexford scarf in "foothills." This light green has a bit more yellow than I was expecting but I still like it. I'm exactly halfway done (5 1/2 repeats out of 9) but I only have 22 grams left of my second skein, meaning I'm likely to run out of yarn. I'll have to figure out if I want a shorter scarf or want to shell out the dollars to get another skein. Perhaps a friendly Raveler will sell me a fraction of a skein.

IN THE WORKS is an idea for a cardigan made of "stormcloud," a medium gray with hints of blue. I want to make something I'll wear all the time and am thinking of designing something myself using the contiguous method for shaping sleeves from the top down. I want something clean-looking and simple, but I might add a little bit of interest with textured or fair-isle knitting at the bottom. I'm excited to get started!